“The Duke”

John Wayne was an amazing guy, bigger than life, sometimes tough and sometimes gentle, but always entertaining both on and off the screen. Both my father and I met him in the San Juan Island back in the eighties. He was my role model and hero as well as fellow lover of boats and the sea.

A. Bourdainshutterstock_

Anthony Bourdain:

Anthony was an amazing character and a gifted story-teller. He said what he thought and let the chips fall where they may. H was a man of quiet courage when the chips were down. The fact that he took his own life is an enigma in a conundrum. Read on my friends.

Elwood crop


Elwood was truly one of God’s special people. Although he was a believer, he wasn’t particularly religious and seldom went to church. He’d lived an amazing life before falling on hard times. When I first met him, he was living in a cardboard box behind the Police Station. He always defiantly insisted that he wasn’t homeless, just houseless H was driven by an indomitable courage and sense of humor despite his circumstances. An inspirational story.

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