ClASS of ’58 – episode 2.15.19

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What is this blog about?

Don;t know if this facade is still there.

This blog is about staying in touch. I spent my senior year in Seattle Prep and my freshman year at Seattle U before moving on to U Dub where I slowly lost track of most of you characters. Many years of running construction projects, and later construction firms, took me all over the United States and into several countries without spending much time back in Seattle.

UW Library & Commons

I enjoyed my work and the extensive travel, but I regretted a lifetime of not having hobnobbed with my fellow Prepsters, friends, and family. Late at night, I often wondered, What would it have been like if I had chosen to stay closer to home as my family and many friends did? Would I have been as happy as I am now? I don’t know the answer to that, but that’s the price I paid for my career choice.

Why am I telling you this? Simple because I wrote a few blogs after the reunion that addressed the time we shared at the reunion, as well as adventures we shared together during our Prep and SU days. Many of you graciously responded to those blogs in an encouraging manner which leads me to believe you actually read them since about half of you guys responded with multiple e-mails, asking that I continue to “keep us in the loop.”

The reunion at Chateau Ste Michelle

I’m not sure what that means. I could mean several things like you’re interested in more Prep stories, or you’re interested in keeping up with the activities, health, and whereabouts of our brother Prepsters. Perhaps you’re sitting around the house with nothing better to do, waiting for Ponderosa to come on. Sorry, it’s been off the air since 2002 and Little Joe is dead, or God bless you, you’re actually interested in my tales of times past. In any event, I’m pleased you haven’t responded with, “That’s enough already. Stop, please stop! Well, I’m here to tell you, I’m no “one trick pony,” but I’m having to reach deeper and deeper into my aging physic to come up with new Prep material that won’t get any of us thrown in jail. Give me a break, guys. That was sixty years ago. Do you remember what you had for breakfast? I don’t.

Perhaps you have a story or a photo you want to share with us about what you’ve been up to, or whatever strikes you of our mutual interest. Send me whatever you have, and I’ll fluff it up, make your story come alive, and make you look like Hemingway himself.

Come on, man. You’re Prepsters, you got to have a million adventures, funny stories, jokes, and awesome photos you have been dying to share with us, your Prep brothers. Charlie Ralls called me this evening, and we talked, told each other lies, and laughed for an hour. Dan Regis emailed me recounting the long weekend he, Pat Bader and I spent shipwrecked in the San Juan’s. Sid Flor and Dinndorf reminded me about a few funny houseboat stories, including taking on water during a keg party. Sean Malone sent me an interesting story about a UFO he encountered as a youth and wrote about in the Vashon Loop Newspaper. Pat Bader recounted how much fun he had at the reunion and filled me in on what he’s up to. Joe Thibodeau and I discovered we had a mutual friend, Judge Harry Allen Follman. Joe was a superior court judge in Snohomish County and Harry was a superior court judge for Skagit County at the same time and knew each other. Maffeo and I shared several e-mails, not sure what that was about, but fun to connect. My apologies to Maffeo and Dinndorf, I just realized that Jerry was right, our ’39 Plymouth Coups were, in fact, ’49s.

You too can contribute. Dig out and send me whatever you have. You have my e-mail, If you can’t find my address or phone number on Dinndorf’s roster, e-mail me and I’ll send it to you. I can’t publish it here, I’m one of The Donalds’s double agents, and I’m in hiding from Hillary’s and Nancy Pelosi’s lynch mobs. I don’t share private, personal comments I receive. So, Sid, Guido, and Bryan rest easy, you’re safe. I only write about stuff that is of general interest to my readers, not the authorities.

If you’re wondering, Why is this guy offering to do this? Is he some kind of nut job trying to recapture his youth or gain fame and fortune at our expense?  

“No. that ship has sailed, I have no interest in reliving my youth, and I’ve experienced my fifteen minutes of fame, thank you. The answer is that several of you have encouraged me to continue to provide this blog as a venue for the class of “58 to simply stay in touch. After all, many of us shared a remarkable bond of comradery albeit driven by our efforts to nimbly avoid dealing with Mr. Brands acidic barbs, Mr. Nelson’s bullying, as well as to avoid unwarranted trips to the boiler room with Fr. Weisenberg, as well as avoiding the wrath of Coach Goodman when on the warpath.

After guzzling beer with an un-named Prepster recently, I went home, thought it over, and decided that with a little help from my friends we could, and should, give a shot to continuing the Class of ’58 Blogs. So, you folks need to get off your asses and send me some worthy fuel to feed the hungry panther.

your Prepster brother,

Jake Winston

ps: I bypassed my editor with this blog. the grammar errors on on me.

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